The story of Hallivanamees

Up to 1918, the Hallivanamehe 4 plot was home to a stable on the summer estate of baron von Grauemann. The hostler of that stable was the great-grandfather of Hallivanamees. His clever nature, skilled hands, and mighty way with words were known across the neighbourhoods of Kitseküla and Tondi. But the father of Hallivanamees was a fisherman. He was a good and honourable man, whose courage and reverence towards the sea were highly valued by many.

Hallivanamees himself was born in the early hours of 25 August 1930, as the third child in the family. He was named Jakob.

Hallivanamees spent his childhood on the pastures of Kitseküla. His favourite pastimes were running around and coming up with new tricks. Supposedly, he was the first child to carry the nickname “Trickster”. He was especially fond of riding in a streetcar ever since streetcar tracks were extended up to Tondi in 1936. His studies at Tallinn Secondary Science School were cut short due to the war. In March 1949, Hallivanamees was sent to Siberia along with his family. After returning, the family moved to Liu village in Pärnu County. Hallivanamees became a woodsman – a true woodsman who knew his way around the woods and gave them due respect.

Hallivanamees first met the light of his life, Marta, at a midsummer hay harvest at his neighbour Villu’s farm. They were practically inseparable after that. The family of Marta and Hallivanamees grew to have three boys and a little girl called Tiiu.

In the 1990s, Hallivanamees regained ownership of the lands in Kitseküla that had belonged to his great-grandfather. The children got into a fight over distributing lands. Hallivanamees was not pleased by this, not the slightest bit. Everyone was summoned for a gathering and the issues were promptly solved with wisdom, cunning, and love.

These days, Hallivanamees is not that fond of the hustle and bustle of city life. His children still live there though. What Hallivanamees loves best is when the entire family gathers around him in the countryside and the little ones are eager to hear stories of his life. He has quite a few of those. And he is happy to share them time and time again.

  • Hallivana OÜ